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    Before we ask someone else for help let's look at the things we can do to fix the issue ourselves.

    You've seen the TV shows - the first thing you are going to hear is, "Have you rebooted yet?" That is because it will fix your problem in a lot of cases.

    Next, "Is it plugged in?" You would be surprised. Just check before you go on. People get so embarrassed when we come in and push the network cable into the wall and it all works again.

    Is this something that has happened before? What was done the last time and can I try the same solution again?

    Ok so you need to call for help. Giving us a few hints to get started really helps us resolve your problem quickly. Saying, "my computer" as the subject and nothing in the body of the messages does not give us much of a start.

    Answering these questions will help:

    • Is this the first time it happened?
    • When did it happen before?
    • What has changed since it worked the last time?
    • What were you doing when the problem started?

    If you are in need of IT Support, send an email to, using the subject of the email as a short title and the body of the email as a detailed description.

    • How much bandwidth are we using?

      If you are at school and you want to see how much external bandwidth is being used look at the graphs on this site:

      Daily Graph (5 minute Average)

      Live Traffic - Daily Graph h5 minute average

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